Bros Vacuum and Combo Truck Services include the newest, well-maintained equipment for:

  • wellhead clean up
  • plant clean up
  • surface cleaning
  • equipment pressure wash
We’re growing our vac and combo truck fleet to serve you better, and our industrial service offerings are driven by customer demand, so tell us what you need!
The Tridem Axel Combo Vac Truck

Tridem Axel Combo Vac Truck

  • Custom Vac Build
  • Western Star 4900SB Tri-Drive
  • 10 cube debris Tank
  • 3.5 cube fresh water tank
  • 3560 CAT wash pump (3000psi)
  • 750000 BTU Hotsy Boiler

Tridem Axle Straight Vac Truck

  • Custom Vac CV1600 Vacuum System on Western Star 4900SB Tri-Drive
  • Debris Tank (17 cubes 3740 Imp. Gal. + 3% outage)
  • Robuschi RB-DV-85 PO Vacuum Blower:
  • High Efficiency Tri-Lobe Design
  • 1600 CFM Free Air Rating
  • 27" Hg Maximum Vacuum
  • Hydraulic System (Linde Closed Loop Design)

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